C++, C++11/C++14

Posts, notes, resources on C++, C++11/C++14.

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C++11 timing code execution

cf. Solarian programmer gave an excellent write up in C++11 timing code performance

C++11/14 version – the classic algorithm of binary search, using C++11/14 vector library

I implemented the classic algorithm of binary search using C++11/14 vector(s) (library) in vectors_binarysearch.cpp, inside the folder ../Cpp14 of my CompPhys github repository


C++ Tutorial – Functors(Function Objects) – 2016

My implementation of the examples above for functors here on github:


C++ templates, class templates and how to put them into header files; Useful links related to splitting up header files for declaration, split to .cpp files for definitions

While I already wrote about it in the README.md of my github repository folder Cpp, for CompPhysUseful links related to splitting up header files for declaration, split to .cpp files for definitions, github repo CompPhys, folder cpp, I had to look it up again, and so I’ll reiterate that material here.

, had an excellent article detailing how understandably confusing it is to split up templates to header files for C++.  The examples and options are comprehensive and crystal-clear.

Gives the reason why.

virtual method tables, vtables, for C++ inherited classes and keyword virtual

I put together some basic, pedagogical C++ scripts, collected reading material (because a lot of great explanations on old websites are being lost as old websites get deleted, and being cache’ed only in the Wayback machine website; I’ll reproduce what I can in this following github repository), and gdb‘ed thoroughly the memory layouts of these vtables and class data members, and class object instances (pointers to a new class instance) here:



Texture Object API

struct cudaResourceDesc resDesc

struct myStruct myVariable;

struct Leopard leopard;
leopard.base.animal.weight = 44;

Struct declaration

Google search
struct inherit copy from another struct declare c c++


Typesafe inheritance in C

Difference between ‘struct’ and ‘typedef struct’ in C++?

Google search
typedef struct


typedef struct vs struct definitions [duplicate]

Google search terms

how to declare an instance of a struct C++

Proper way to initialize C++ structs



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